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About Mini Skip Bin

What is a Skip Bin?

Have you just decluttered your house and is your yard piling up with garden rubbish? Perhaps after cleaning your garden you have piles of leaves, branches, twigs and other green waste. If you are unsure of where and how to dispose of them, this is the perfect time to hire a mini skip bin.WE DO TAKE , just about anything else, light greens (cuttings/ prunings) general household items, rubbish, bulk rubbish, white goods, broken furniture etc.

Sorry PLEASE NOTE– NO bricks, sand, soil, concrete, pavers, tiles, rubble, dug up lawn, tyres, asbestos

what is a mini skip bin

Greedy Bins offer waste removal service for several kinds of waste such as white goods, household waste, electrical appliances, construction or green waste. It picks up waste from your property, which is then recycled or disposed of in landfills or other facilities. Mini skip bin are smaller than regular skip bins, and are usually around 2-4 cubic metres in volume. Skip bins come in various sizes suitable for removing different types and amounts of waste material. For home waste, a mini skip bins is fitting.

About Mini Skip Bin | Mini Skip Bins Perth | Greedy Bins

Where you can find a Mini Skips for hire?

There are plenty of mini skip bin Perth hire services available in Australia. If you search ‘local skip bin service’ you can choose a suitable service and call them to make an arrangement. Most skip bin services offer mini skips for hire that can be used on site for up to seven days, however you can book a skip bin for longer periods with additional charges applying. Most mini skip bins services are open 24 hours, providing additional convenience.

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How Much Does a Skip Bin Cost to Hire?

The cost of a mini skip bin Perth service depends on a variety of factors. Some of these include the distance from your property to the company or the waste disposal site, as well as the mini skip bin sizes and the number of hiring days you require. The type of waste you require moving can also influence the price, and different companies will apply different pricing rules. For instance, one company may charge $160 for 2m cubic general waste for five days hire time, whilst a different company may charge $220 for a mixed waste with seven days hire time. It is always important to obtain quotes before deciding to book a skip bin.

Acceptable Waste Types for Mini Skip Bins

When hiring a skip bins, always refer to the guidelines for acceptable waste, skip bin sizes and prices. Some skip bins do not accept toxic or chemical waste such as asbestos, food, liquids, paint, batteries, contaminants and other chemicals. Besides Perth we offers skip bins hire Craigie as well. You could be charged with a large fine if you breach these guidelines. You should also consider the waste management of the service you hire, and select a company that disposes or recycles waste in a proper manner that is friendly to the environment.

About Mini Skip Bin | Mini Skip Bins Perth | Greedy Bins

Some skip hire services offer a service specific to the waste type, which means that you can choose to have just one kind of waste removed. Other companies provide a mixed waste removal service with one bin, however you need to be aware of the types of waste and any relevant prohibitions before using the skip bin.

If you live in the Western Australian region, particularly Perth, you can always count on Greedy Bins for your mini skip bins in Perth. Greedy Bins offers a low price, fast and reliable mini skip bin service for Perth and the surrounding suburbs. Call us today at 0419 760 174

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